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ExxonMobil Malaysia

  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

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  • Mining, Oil & Gas
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What it Does: One of the biggest publicly listed energy companies and chemical producers in the world, ExxonMobil, develops and employs cutting-edge technology to help responsibly and safely supply the globe's expanding need for energy and superior chemical goods.

Mission: To efficiently and responsibly supply the world with the energy and superior chemical products it needs as it evolves.

Size and Presence:  ExxonMobil is the second biggest oil refiner in the world, employing more than 64000 people, with a per day refinery of 4.9 million barrels (780,000 m3) from its 21 oil refineries.

Best Known For: ExxonMobil produces around 2% of the world's energy and about 3% of the world's oil, making it the largest non-government-owned corporation in the energy sector.

The Good Bits: Work with smart, pleasant, and very intelligent people. A  reward for two months. Chance to travel abroad if you assist international users. Several free pieces of training and materials are available. a good environment to develop interpersonal skills.

The Not So Good Bits: Extremely difficult to advance. Be prepared for numerous late-night meetings.

The ExxonMobil Story

Exxon and Mobil, two significant oil firms, merged to establish Exxon Mobil Corp. in 1999. Both were offspring of the 1870-founded Standard Oil, a John D. Rockefeller company. After Ida M. The History of the Standard Oil corporation was published in 1904, and its reputation in the public's view fell significantly, which sparked a growing call for the government to take action against the firm. The United States Supreme Court determined in 1911 that Regular Oil must be liquidated and divided into 34 businesses as the public outcry had reached a peak. Two of them were Socony and Jersey Standard which later changed its name to Exxon.

Culture & Vibe

The foundation of ExxonMobil's work culture is a shared dedication to ethics, safety, excellent performance, and good corporate behavior. The workplace at the organization is vibrant and exciting. It recruits extraordinary individuals and gives each of them the freedom to think for themselves, act on initiative, and be creative. Diversity in the company's ideas, viewpoints, abilities, information, and cultures fosters creativity and is a significant competitive advantage. To satisfy the company's demands globally, it recruits, trains, and retains the best staff from the widest pool available. Safety is a key value and an essential component of the culture at ExxonMobil, and it applies to all facets of its operations.

Career Prospects

To meet the most difficult energy issues, ExxonMobil works to build the most talented workforce. The company will support its employees throughout their whole careers. This entails top-notch pay and benefits, encouraging and motivating teammates, and the freedom to explore different challenges and responsibilities. One can explore their interests, expand their personal and professional networks, and learn vital, career-building skills at ExxonMobil. Entrants are encouraged from a variety of fields, including engineering, business, computer science and information technology, finance and accounting, geoscience, and more.

Recruitment Process

ExxonMobil's recruitment process includes the following process:

  • Online application
  • Personal Interview
  • HR Interview
  • Verification


The average annual salary of a fresh graduate at ExxonMobil Malaysia is MYR 70,000.


  • Health Insurance.
  • Dental Insurance.
  • Vision Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance.
  • Temporary Disability Insurance.
  • Long-term Disability Insurance.

Social Contributions

ExxonMobil has caught 120 million metric tonnes of CO2 in total, which is more than any other corporation and accounts for around 40% of all anthropogenic CO2 that has previously been trapped. With a current carbon capture capability of around 9 million tonnes annually, the firm is the industry leader.


The business has been charged with violating human rights and exploiting its geopolitical influence. ExxonMobil is portrayed as having tremendous authority when dealing with nations where it conducts drilling operations in the book Private Empire by Steve Coll, even going so far as to label the governments of those nations as "constrained."

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