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McKinsey & Company Malaysia

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

McKinsey & Company Malaysia Graduate Programs & Internships

  • Management Consulting

What it Does: All of Malaysia's key economic sectors, comprising telecom, oil and gas, finance, energy, consumer products, healthcare, and the general public, are led by McKinsey.

Mission: To create a company that attracts, develops, inspires, and keeps excellent people. To assist the consumers in achieving significant, long-lasting performance improvements.

Size and Presence:  The earliest and biggest of the "Big Three" management consultants (MBB), or the three largest strategic consulting companies in the world, is McKinsey.

Best Known For: The company publishes the McKinsey Quarterly, a business magazine, and the firm primarily focuses on the customer's finances and operations.

The Good Bits: Excellent culture and work-life equilibrium, and senior management offer a wealth of knowledge.

The Not So Good Bits: Lifestyle: extensive range travel.

The McKinsey & Company Story

James O. McKinsey, a management accounting professor at the University of Chicago, founded his eponymous consultancy firm in 1926, which marked the beginning of McKinsey & Company's history. In the 1940s and 1950s, McKinsey & Company expanded significantly, particularly in Europe. The Commission on Firm Aims and Goals, established by McKinsey in 1971, found that the firm had grown overly focused on regional expansion and lacked sufficient industry knowledge. The commission suggested that McKinsey curtail its expansion and create sector specializations. In 2021, McKinsey purchased Candid Partners, a cloud consulting firm, Plantronics, a company specializing in climate change research, Vivid Economics, a sustainability and "circularity" expert, and Material Economics. Before being legally reformed in 1956 as a private business controlled by its partners, McKinsey & Company was first established as a partnership.

Culture & Vibe

What individuals do and the way they do it form the foundation of culture. Although what people accomplish may not differ significantly across industries, high-performing businesses stand out in their methods. The last determining factor in an organization's performance is the combined impact of everything that is done. For the strategy to be realized today and performance to be sustained in the future, McKinsey's People & Organizational Performance Practice assists in building an organization and making the most of its people. By creating practices of continuous quality improvement and creating effective change programs, the comprehensive, rigorous approach creates corporate value. Leaders' chances of implementing significant change at scale are more than doubled with the support of deep experience, data analytics, and a tried-and-true methodology.

Career Prospects

A career with McKinsey offers the chance to collaborate closely with senior executives to influence growth and transformation for entire nations as well as large businesses and public organisations in Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. Future leader development is a top priority. In 2009, the company introduced the Youth Leadership Academy in Malaysia. Since then, more than 200 undergraduates from prestigious Malaysian universities have benefited from this innovative, 12-week development programme, which has helped them develop the leadership skills they need to motivate others and effect change.

Recruitment Process

McKinsey & Company recruitment process includes the following process:

  • Online Application 
  • Problem-Solving Test
  • Personal Interview
  • HR Interview.
  • Offer


The average annual salary of a fresh graduate at McKinsey & Company Malaysia is MYR 30,000.


  • Health Care & Life Insurance
  • Paid Sick Leave.
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Work From Home
  • Laptop / Notebook Computer.
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Free Lunch or Snacks.
  • Diversity Program
  • Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule.

Social Contributions

In emissions trade, policy debates, and incentive programmes, marginal attenuation cost curves are used to assess the monetary costs of various methods for decreasing pollution in a given area. The first incremental abatement cost (MAC) curve for greenhouse gas emissions was published by McKinsey & Company in February 2007, and version two was issued in January 2009.


According to reports, McKinsey contributed significantly to the 2008 financial crisis by encouraging banks to finance their balance sheets with debt, increasing hazard, which "compromised the global financial system and produced the 2008 credit disaster."

Jobs & Opportunities

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  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Hiring candidates with qualifications in
Business & Management
Creative Arts
Engineering & Mathematics
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
IT & Computer Science
Law, Legal Studies & Justice
Medical & Health Sciences
Property & Built Environment
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Kuala Lumpur
Develop your leadership style, leveraging your own passions, strengths, and personal values with McKinsey & Company. Join now as a Business Analyst Intern!
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Internship, Clerkship or Placement

Kuala Lumpur
McKinsey & Company Malaysia is hiring Associate Intern working to identify, and oftentimes implement, potential solutions for a specific client problem or challenge.


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